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Customer Care

Our customers are our second most important priority, only after the care of our animals. We make every effort to ensure our customers are satisfied with the products we provide. As hard as we try to strictly control the quality of our products, if you should find someting not to your liking, we ask that you contact us directly to give us an opportunity to make the situation right with you! 

We're glad to work with you make sure you are nothing but fully-satisfied with Red Rock Farms products. 


Privacy & Safety

You can rest assured that your data is never resold by Red Rock Farms. The only way your data will be used is by us to contact you about orders or products. 

Wholesale Inquiries

Red Rock Farms is pleased to offer wholesale opportunities. If you are interested in carrying our products in your store, please contact Landon Kane at 319-238-1232.


Because the quality of our products is judged by the end result of the dish prepared, we reserve the right to limit the resale of Red Rock Farms beef, pork, chicken and eggs to restaurants that have the ability to serve our products in a form we deem appropriate and appealing. If you feel as though Red Rock Farms products would be a good fit for your resturaunt, please contact Landon Kane at 319-283-1232. 

Payment Methods


- Offline Payments

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