Deep Fayette County Iowa Roots

The Kane Family roots run deep in Fayette County, Iowa. Great-great grandfather John Joseph Kane was born in Fairbank in 1877 after his parents, James and Sarah moved here from Ireland. Landon purchased this particular farm from his grandfather, Ralph Kane in 2015. Five generations later, we work hard to honor the integrity and respect our family has spent generations building. We like to think they'd be proud.   


Hi, I'm Landon Kane, owner of Red Rock Farms. I'm a graduate of Wapsie Valley High School and have a bachelor's degree in agriculture business and a minor in animal science from Iowa State University. While at Iowa State, I had the opportunity to travel to all seven continents to study the practice of farming. It was an eye-opening experience.

I grew up just a couple miles from the farm I'm at now. I've been involved in raising cattle since I was born- it's part of my DNA. The past few years have been a fun adventure for me learning and expanding my knowledge of all the animals we care for at Red Rock. My priorities at Red Rock Farms are creating an environment that's family-friendly, raising my animals with the utmost dignity, providing only the highest quality feed, and providing a product to customers that is consistent, reliable, and honest.  I'm just a small-town farm kid who's adjusting our farming practices to reflect the values of today's customer. I'm excited to honor the ethos of Iowa's farm culture from yestser-year here for the next 60+ years.


At Red Rock Farms, we pride ourselves on raising our animals under the highest set of standards. We know how important it is to not only meet but exceed your expectations regarding the care of our animals. 

Organic corn raised on-site

Sourcing our feed right from our fields give us the guarentee that everything fed to our cattle is 100% organic. There's no question to the quality or authenticity of our product. Plus, we're reducing our environmental impact by reducing the transportation needed to get from field to farm. Our feed is ground less than 20 miles away by a trusted partner. 


20856 30th Street

Oelwein, Iowa



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