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  • What breed of cow is your beef?
    The beef we raise is an angus cross-breed. Landon's brother Troy is the owner of TDK genetics, an award-winning cattle breeder. Troy's unique knowledge of genetics paired with Landon's hands-on approach to raising our beef creates a unique product not available at the grocery store.
  • What animals do you have at Red Rock Farms?
    As of fall 2019, we have five donkeys, three mini-horses, one horse, chickens, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs, goats, Scottish Highlander cattle, Angus cattle, swans, peacocks, guineas, pigs, kittens, corgis, goats, and sheep.
  • How can I purchase beef?
    While we work on more effiecient ordering and delivery methods, the best way to purchase our beef today is to contact Landon directly at 319-238-1232. A variety of pick-up and delivery methods are available and Landon will work with you to find out what works for you!
  • Can I buy your beef, pork or pumpkins wholesale? "
    Landon is happy to work with customers that are interested in buying beef, pork or pumpkins for resale in stores or resturaunts. We know that supporting local farmers is a priority for your customers and Red Rock Farms is happy to help promote your business and marketing goals. Ask Landon about the reach of our social media pages and how we can promote your business to our current customer base.
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